January 28, 2021


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1 st OLM Short Cinema Festival 2021

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1 st OLM Short Cinema Festival 2021

“1st OLM short Cinema festival” is One Love Media’s new vision to encourage independent filmmakers.
We will try to give the best Cinematic experience to our viewers in these tough times where the pandemic
is going on.
Category – 1. Short Film 2. Documentary 3. Music Video 4. Travel vlog
Awards & Prizes

Awards For Short Film Category

Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Script
Best Actor (male)
Best Actor (Female)
Best Cinematography
Best Edit
Best Background Music
Best Cinema for Social cause
Documentary category

Best Documentary

Music Video category

Best Original Music Video
Best Lyrics

Travel Vlog
Best Travel Vlog

Special Mention

Rules & Terms

  1. Short films and documentaries cannot exceed 20 minutes in length.
  2. For every category (except Travel vlog), if the language of the content is not Bengali, it should have English subtitles.
  3. In case of online entry, you have to submit it to FilmyFreeWay, or you have to send the link of the film to WhatsApp, along with other details.
  4. Offline submissions need to be submitted on DVD in mp4 or .mov format.
  5. In case of nomination & Screening, the decision of the festival authorities and judges is final.
  6. If a film is nominated for the festival, a separate screening copy must be submitted (if required).
  7. The nominated film cannot be withdrawn from the festival in any way.
  8. The festival authorities will use clippings & other materials of the nominated movies for promotional purpose.
  9. After being nominated, you have to send the posters, trailer and promotional copies of that movie.
  10. The decision of the jury of the festival authorities for the nominations and awards is final.
  11. If there is any copyright or third party material in the film or content at the festival, then it is the responsibility of the production house and the director of the film. The festival authorities are not responsible in any way.
  12. Movies on any subject can take part.
  13. Movies, documentaries, music videos and travel blogs made before 2015 will not take part in the festival.
  14. The quality of the content (story and technique) will be judged.
  15. The above rules apply to all sections.
  16. In the case of music videos, the melody and lyrics should be Original.
  17. For vlog channel submissions, you must submit a completed vlog. However, only vlogs made in Bengali language can participate in this case.
  18. Submission fees 600 rupees. (In each case)
  19. One person can submit one or more movies / documentaries / music videos / Travel vlog. In that case separate entry fees will be required.
  20. No entry is valid without the Entry fees,
  21. Festival will be held on last week of February. Date & Venue we will be updated soon. If any kind of pandemic emergency occurred again or government give any strict restriction for theatre shows, then the festival will happen online.

Phone-Pay or Google pay number – 9647929363 (Rajat Saha)

WhatsApp for details – 9046567456 (10 Am to 10 p.m.)

Call for any quarries – 9046567456 (12 p.m. – 5p.m.)


WhatsApp submission procedure

  • Pay on the mentioned phone pay or google pay number.
  • 2. WhatsApp the payment screenshot and send the film link to the above mentioned Number.
  • 3. Submit a declaration on the letter pad of the director or production house, stating that “You are following all the rules of the festival mentioned earlier” and scan a signed copy to WhatsApp.
  • 4. If all goes well, we will confirm the submission.

Offline submission

1. Submit in 2 DVD, MP4 or MOV format.

2. entry fees

3. Submit the declaration form.

4. In any case, if the quality of the movie sent to DVD or online is poor or if it is difficult to understand due to technical reasons, then it will be disqualified

You have to submit your Film in our Nagerbazar (DumDum) address. For address details, call – 9046567456